10 Movies You Should Watch (Even Though They Suck)

9. The Blob

The Grey Man
TriStar Pictures

The Blob is among the most recognised movie monsters and yet, the gelatinous lifeform has never had a good film adaption. The original 1958 version was let down by ropey special effects and hammy acting. (Even the great Steve McQueen was rubbish.) Beware! The Blob was a travesty from start-to-finish.

Then there's the 1988 remake. By no means a classic, this reimagining is definitely the best adaptation. And I don't mean it's just the best of a bad bunch. This flawed retelling of The Blob does have a lot of good in it.

Although the original was a cheesy B-movie, the reboot was the first time where the titular monster is scary. When you see the Blob melting its victims with its acidic body, you get a lot more invested in the characters, knowing the agonising fate awaiting them if they get too close to this amorphous entity.

Now, there's plenty of horror remakes that just dial the gore up to 11 because they don't know what else to do. But this instalment has some genuinely solid ideas. The mix of stop-motion and practical effects to bring the Blob to life is inventive. The anti-authoritarian message is not heavy-handed. Also, the origin of this globulous creature uses some very clever misdirection.

It may have the horror tropes and one-dimensional characters you'd expect, but the 1988 version of The Blob shouldn't be disregarded.


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