10 Movies You Should Watch (Even Though They Suck)

They're not all bad.

The Grey Man

When a film is ripped apart by critics, it can destroy its reputation forever. Many comic fans have never watched Batman & Robin, due to its label as the "Worst Superhero Movie Ever". The biggest Adam Sandler fans will never give Jack and Jill a chance, since the "comedy" is infamously awful. Although we should always judge for ourselves, there are plenty of thrillers, rom-coms, and blockbusters we will never give a fair shot, purely because we've been told too often that they suck.

However, there are some films worth checking out, regardless of their lack of quality - and we're not talking about "so bad they're good" movies like The Room or deliberately awful flicks like Sharknado.

We're looking at features that, despite not being up to par, have enough redeeming aspects to warrant a watch. Even if a movie isn't great, it might have awesome special effects, a mesmerising fight sequence, or a heartbreaking moment. Sometimes, it's worth wading through two hours of crap just to witness one fantastic performance or shocking twist.

No one's going to pretend the entries on this lot are masterpieces, but they're still worth a look.

10. Sausage Party

The Grey Man
Sony Pictures

If South Park or Family Guy's crass humour is up your alley, Sausage Party will feel tailor-made for you. But if food puns, incessant cursing, and juvenile sex jokes are not your thing, you probably never considered watching this animated feature.

But there is a reason why you should check out this R-rated flick, and it's not the expletives or immature gags. The story centres around a bunch of grocery food who believe they'll be rewarded once humans take them out of the shop, unaware they are to be eaten.

Although that sounds like a silly premise, it's clear Sausage Party is an allegory for humanity's habit of constantly falling for misinformation, whether it's through religion or conspiracy theories. Because conspiracies have become more popular and elaborate in recent years, Sausage Party resonates more than ever. It may look like a stupid cartoon that wouldn't entertain anyone beyond the age of 13, but this films deals with serious issues in a fun, creative way, that never feels forced.

I mean, we're not suggesting it's the pinnacle of cinema. It still revolves around sausages trying to hump hot dog buns. But its definitely deeper than you'd expect.


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