10 More Horror Movie Villains Who Actually Won

Life sucks and then you die... unless you're one of these horror baddies.

Eden Lake

We've already brought you 10 Horror Movie Villains Who Actually Won.

If that wasn't enough, we then found 10 More Horror Movie Villains Who Actually Won.

And now, to complete this crushing trilogy, we have found 10 MORE of them! You're welcome!

It shouldn't come as a surprise that this many baddies walk away with the W in the horror genre. It is, after all, built on scaring people, and what's more horrifying than the idea of a very bad person committing heinous acts and getting away with them?

Fairy tales can keep their happy endings, superhero movies can have their triumphant final shots, but part of being a horror fan means accepting that your favourite hero probably isn't going to come out on top.

Especially not if they're up against any of these lot.

The ten entries on this list never received any comeuppance for their actions in the films given. Whilst justice might have caught up with them after the cameras stopped rolling, when we left them, they were all revelling in their successes.

You know what they say, nice guys finish last and horrible monsters always win.

We might have adapted that saying slightly, but you get the point.

10. Louis Cyphre - Angel Heart

Eden Lake
Tri-Star Pictures

Before he was a wrestler and before he could only speak in tones unrecognisable to the human ear, Mickey Rourke was starring in this psychological horror from 1987.

Rourke plays Harry Angel, a private investigator hired to look into the disappearance of a singer named Johnny Favourite.

Through a long, twisted, and sickening series of events, Harry discovers that he is in fact the missing man and that he entered into a bargain with Satan himself to gain his notoriety.

Angel is originally hired to track down Favourite by Louis Cyphre, played by Robert DeNiro when he actually gave a hoot about which roles he took. In the film's final stages, it is revealed that Cyphre is actually the Devil come to collect Harry's soul as promised in their deal.

Louis Cyphre. Lucifer. D'ya get it?

The film ends with Harry descending in an elevator all the way down to Hell. Cyphre got what he wanted, despite the detective's best efforts to avoid him, and got to inflict a bit of extra mental torture on the poor bloke as a bonus.

All in all, a good day to be the Devil.

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