10 Recent Movies Ruined By Terrible Endings

These movies screwed it all up at the finish line.

No One Will Save You Kaitlyn Dever

No matter how good or even great a movie might be, its fate will most likely be determined by the strength of its ending. Knock it out of the park and an instant classic can be cemented, but get it wrong enough and you'll lose the audience forever.

Endings are tougher to pull off than you might think, as well evidenced by the following ten recent movies, which whether merely watchable or actually genuinely awesome up to that finale, tossed it all away with a hugely deflating denouement.

Though there are many right ways to make a movie, these wildly polarising and infuriating endings just weren't it for most people watching. From shamelessly cheeky cliffhangers to awful spin-off teases, lame-brained plot twists, and a simple failure to resolve the story in a compelling way, these movies all took a fatal stumble at the final hurdle.

It's safe to say that the overall reception to each of these films was irrevocably tainted by how they chose to wrap things up, forever tarnishing their rep despite how great they might've been up to that point...

10. Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts

No One Will Save You Kaitlyn Dever

If you want to leave the audience either scratching their heads or cackling at the filmmakers' sheer, uncut audacity, here's how you do it - tease a long-discussed crossover that basically nobody who isn't a studio executive was actually asking for.

The most recent Transformers movie climaxes with the Terrocons' defeat, at which point flesh-and-blood protagonist Noah Diaz (Anthony Ramos) interviews for a security job, which he's ultimately offered.

At this moment, though, the interviewer (Michael Kelly) gives Noah a business card and reveals that the building contains a secret military bunker. Noah then looks down at the card which has "G.I. Joe" embossed on it, before the movie abruptly cuts to black.

Though Hasbro and Paramount have been trying to get a Transformers x G.I. Joe movie going for well over a decade at this point, given that Rise of the Beasts' tease was met primarily with laughter and/or confusion by most audiences, calling it ill-advised is quite the understatement.

Though this never rose above being a basically watchable, meat-and-potatoes robot-smashing movie, that thunderously cynical ending dragged it down into "never again" territory.


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