MCU Quiz: Who Said It - Ant-Man Or The Hulk?

Was it Ant-Man or Hulk who said "somebody peed my pants?"

Marvel Studios

The MCU's Scott Lang might know his fair share about engineering, but his scientific knowledge isn't quite up to the exceptional level of Bruce Banner.

When Scott managed to return from the Quantum Realm - only to find half of all life had been wiped out by Thanos' snap - he realised there was a way to bring everyone back. Combining his idea with Banner's knowledge and a smidge of Tony Stark smarts, the Avengers managed to executive a time heist - complete with Hulk's ability to absorb gamma radiation playing a major part in bringing back everyone who had previously disappeared.

This quiz features 12 quotes from either Scott Lang or Bruce Banner - well, technically Banner's Green Goliath alter-ego, too - and all you need to do is identify who said each line of dialogue. Was it Ant-Man or the Hulk who said that "somebody peed my pants"? Which Avenger "kind of broke... Harlem"?

Only the biggest fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will stand any sort of a chance of getting 100% on this quiz. Good luck!

All answers can be found at the end.

1. Thanks, But The Last Time I Was In New York I Kind Of Broke… Harlem.


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