Film Quiz: Can You Name The Mark Ruffalo Movie By Just One Image?

Can you tell the difference between Shutter Island and Zodiac by just one image?

The Avengers Bruce Banner Mark Ruffalo
Marvel Studios

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mark Ruffalo was and is the embodiment of Dr. Bruce Banner. Of course, Banner being the gamma radiation specialist who turns into the green rage monster known as the Hulk.

Before he set foot in the MCU, though, Ruffalo largely stayed away from action-driven pictures. Instead, the Wisconsin native was best known for his investigative roles in the likes of Zodiac or Spotlight. Elsewhere, there were romantic comedies such as 13 Going on 30 or Just Like Heaven.

The point being, whilst his appearances as the Green Goliath have propelled him to an entirely different level of Hollywood superstardom, there's far more to Mark Ruffalo than just those MCU outings as one of comic books' most beloved characters.

Here, we've a quiz which features images from 12 of Ruffalo's movies, and all you have to do is correctly identify each film. Do you know your Shutter Island from your Zodiac? How well versed are you in the 56-year-old's numerous MCU features?

Only the biggest Mark Ruffalo fan stands any chance of getting 100% on this ultimate quiz. Good luck!

And as ever, all answers can be found at the end.

1. Name The Movie.


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