Every Villain The Arrowverse Has Teased But Not Used

The Arrowverse may reach new heights if they ever use these fan-favourite foes.

Harley Quinn Heroes in Crisis
DC Comics / Clay Mann

During its near-decade long tenure, the Arrowverse has shone the spotlight on a medley of beloved characters from the DC universe. This was to be expected as the source material has a large collection of heroes, villains and supporting characters to adapt, explore and even redefine in some cases.

That said, even a franchise as expansive and storied as the Arrowverse has not been able to adapt all of the icons (especially its villains) who have appeared on the pages of DC Comics over the years. Despite this, it does not mean that some of these antagonists have not been hinted at throughout the likes of Arrow, Supergirl and The Flash.

Some of these teases have been incredibly subtle and probably flew over the heads of many viewers, while others were less so teases and more so grand announcements proclaiming the existence of these characters. Either way, their presence in the franchise is a welcome development, and signals a bright future for the Arrowverse (less so for the heroes fated to face them).

From uncouth alien bounty hunters, to mythological mystics and the accomplices of villainous jesters, the Arrowverse's creative team would be wise to adapt these fan-favourites to the small screen.

10. Lobo

Harley Quinn Heroes in Crisis
DC Comics

Everyone's favourite bounty hunter, Lobo's name literally translates to "he who thoroughly devours your entrails and enjoys it". If that does not clue you in how dangerous and offbeat this character is, then I do not know what will.

The eccentric alien was first alluded to in Supergirl's first season after the heroes mistook a Fort Rozz guard for a particular bounty hunter that they encountered prior to the events of the episode. Later in the third season while Kara is fighting an unidentified foe (later seen to be a Dominator) Alex wonders if the foe in question is a Czarnian.

Frequently portrayed as a Superman foe, Lobo has been a thorn in the Man of Steel's side. That said, he has also been an ally to the hero and also gone up against the likes of Etrigan the Demon, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern.

He possesses superhuman physical attributes on par with Superman, a healing factor, enhanced senses and intelligence. This, alongside his vast arsenal and devil-may-care attitude would make him a formidable foe in a future season of Superman & Lois, or even Legends of Tomorrow due to his irreverent sensibilities.


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