Doctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder SPOILER Discussion - Remembering Bernard Cribbins

Spoiler alert! It's time for a deep-dive review discussion of Doctor Who's second 60th anniversary special, Wild Blue Yonder. Was it the right episode for the 60th anniversary? Plus, our thoughts on the CGI, and the marvellous Bernard Cribbins' return as Wilf.

0:00 Intro
0:46 Isaac Newton/opening scene
1:44 Jarring tonal shifts
3:29 So much pre-release secrecy - a mistake?
5:11 David Tennant and Catherine Tate's performances
7:32 Fourteen's growth from Ten
8:57 The almost people twist
9:51 Comparisons to The Thing
11:27 Distracting CGI effects
15:59 The Doctor and Donna are Indiana Jones
16:52 Was it a suitable 60th anniversary episode?
21:18 Bernard Cribbins/Wilf
26:56 The Giggle next time trailer looks amazing!

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