8 More Recent Movie Moments IMPOSSIBLE To Watch The Same After This

You'll never look at this Killers of the Flower Moon scene the same way again.

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No matter what flick you're choosing to head out to the cinema to watch or throw on at home, the experience you have re-visiting said movie will always be somewhat different to that very first watch.

With the knowledge of certain swerves and twists heading your way, your eye is inevitably drawn to certain easily overlooked pieces of foreshadowing, for example. Specific elements of a talented thespian's performance or hilariously bizarre occurrence suddenly become clearer than they were during that initial viewing.

Sometimes it's also the knowledge of how certain scenes were created, what actually went down on the day of shooting, and the specific work an actor had to put into making a moment possible that completely alters the way you look at certain scenes.

And after taking in this list dedicated to revealing the truth behind moments found in some of Hollywood's latest big-budget or high-profile releases, or just shining a light on some particularly odd events you'll never be able to unsee, there's a strong chance you won't be able to look at the following recent movie moments the same way ever again.

So, let's dive in!

8. Leonardo DiCaprio Was Wearing Butt Padding - Killers Of The Flower Moon

Saltburn Barry Keoghan
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Martin Scorsese throws a number of rather shocking and wince-inducing moments into his latest masterpiece, Killers of the Flower Moon. And in one particularly distressing scene, none other than the legendary Leonardo DiCaprio finds himself being well and truly spanked by another screen icon by the name of Robert De Niro.

Punishing his nephew for messing up their despicable plans midway through the picture, De Niro's William Hale swings a paddle at DiCaprio's Ernest Burkhart. But rather than using a double or cheating the hard-hitting moment that wasn't actually in the first script, it turns out that Leo was very much getting battered with a paddle.

According to the movie's cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto (via Insider), De Niro fully committed to smacking his co-star, with DiCaprio having to wear a bit of butt padding whilst they captured the punishment.

They were also said to have performed this disturbing act "quite a few times" as Prieto recalled thinking "Oh, that must hurt."

So, the next time you opt to sit down and take in this three-hour instant classic, know that DiCaprio and his padded up bottom were legitimately going through hell in this scene.

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