10 Worst Star Trek Moments In 2023

Take a shot and follow us through the WORST Star Trek moments of 2023

Star Trek Worst Moments
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you have to hand it to the Star Trek franchise, it's rammed 2023 to the brim with content. Be it news, cancellations, mysteries, no news, or spellbinding TV, it's all been there. For the high points, check out our previous article on the Greatest Moments of 2023. But that's not this piece!

While fans hope that there's an Inner Light on the way, there's always the fear that there could be a Sub Rosa hiding in the Badlands just waiting to catch them off guard. Here we are looking at the times in the year that fans have wanted to extinguish the ghost candle rather quickly and move on to Thine Own Self.

This year has been no exception to the twists and turns of the sci-fi franchise behemoth. Star Trek has entertained us and covered a lot of topics throughout the year. Some were successful and others perhaps needed a bit more thought. Be it animation or live-action, nothing is safe from the scrutiny of the internet!

10. A Legacy Unfulfilled

Star Trek Worst Moments

The trial never ends!

If Picard's third season was anything to go by, the demand for more series, movies, and anything else based around the early part of the 25th Century was a given.

With the inclusion of Q's return to pester Jack Crusher on the Enterprise-G, a spin-off show seems inevitable, right?

Star Trek: Legacy looked like an obvious announcement to make. A new Enterprise under the command of Seven of Nine, new planets to explore, a crew assembled, and even the chance for legacy characters to warp in. It seemed like the dream series following The Last Generation.

Seeing as how fast the Powers That Be had responded to the fanbase after an overwhelming response to Anson Mount's Pike and Ethan Peck's Spock in Discovery's second season, as far as fans were concerned, this was a no-brainer. It had to be made.

Now in December 2023, it's eight long months since the conclusion of Picard and there's still no word on whether or not Paramount and Alex Kurtzman will (or will not) commit to such a series. All fans desire is an answer and the same can probably be said for Picard exec producer Terry Matalas. Perhaps they're just waiting to make sure that First Contact Day 2024 has that "blow your socks off" announcement that this year was lacking.

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