10 Worst Star Trek Moments In 2023

9. Was It A Worst Contact Day?

Star Trek Worst Moments

In recent years April 5th has been The Big Event. New series announcements, trailers, castings, documentary news and that's probably just a Vulcan nerve pinch of what fans have come to expect and receive.

2023 seemed to be a very different beast. No cast panels were to be found, though there were some character posters for Strange New Worlds' second season. There were videos of fans discussing their own "first contacts" but, all that being said, it was something of a downer. Instead of big news and rolling with the hype, many of the announcements seemed to be shot through the year sporadically. Indeed, First Contact Day 2023 came only a short time after the news of Discovery's 2024 demise. The animated anniversary was still some time off and news on that would only trickle out at San Diego Comic-Con in July. More on that in a bit.

April 5th has become the day to watch in recent years just as Star Wars fans await May 4th. 2023 just did not deliver, especially in a year that saw the franchise announce the end of three separate series. Offering up some news of the franchise's future beyond some nice cast shots would have been a step to reassure the fanbase Star Trek had a long and prosperous adventure ahead.

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