10 Video Games That Start With The BIGGEST Boss Fight

These early bosses were a big challenge... literally.

God Of War Hydra
Sony Computer Entertainment

Video game bosses can be a pain when they have a ton of health, quick reflexes, and a glut of cheap attacks.

However, there is another trait which some bosses harbour - they're big. Like, REALLY big. After entering the domain of an unfathomably vast rival, players should be crapping their pants (figuratively of course,) even before the fight gets underway.

Now, the opening foe is a different story. Since newcomers are still getting the grips with the controls and basic moves, the first challenger usually goes easy on them.

However, some games take the opposite approach, throwing players into the deep end right away. As they reach the end of the first level, they're expecting to face some generic monster or lowly minion. Instead, they find themselves contending with an antagonist that's so gimungous, their body barely fits on the screen.

These adversaries aren't just huge; some of them are the biggest enemy in the game, dwarfing the final boss by a significant margin.

Even though video games like to start with smaller baddies, the entries on this list kicked things off with the most mahoosive bosses possible.

10. Cumulonimbus - Bayonetta 3

God Of War Hydra
Platinum Games

Throughout Bayonetta, our sultry heroine Cereza has driven a motorcycle on a missile, rode a unicorn through hell, and punched God into the sun. Basically, there is no gaming franchise that encapsulates the mantra "go big or go home" better than this OTT hack-and-slash.

As a result, Bayonetta 3 was expected to start with a bang, especially since this was the first instalment in the saga in eight years.

Sure enough, the threequel opens with the umbra witch butting heads with a towering titan called Cumulonimbus. Even though Cereza has mopped the floor with massive enemies before, this humongous homunculus quickly proves his mass isn't just for show.

Cumulonimbus punches like a truck and is surprisingly agile for its immense size. At any point, the gigantic automaton can split its two arms into four, doubling its attacks. Cumulonimbus also shoots energy beams which will cut Cereza down to size, unless the player has mastered counters.

As the duel seemingly draws to a close, Cereza summons her demon-eating dragon, Gomorrah, to finish Cumulonimbus off. However, Gomorrah freezes, indicating this boss isn't a demon, but something Cereza has never encountered. This confusion gives the Cumulonimbus enough time to recover, forcing Cereza to fight it again, with the power to summon Gomorrah this time.

This opening fight is sublime, not just because it's against a humongous boss, but due to Cereza's newfound ability to call upon her own giant monster in battle to even the odds.


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