10 TV Fan Theories Better Than We Actually Got

What if Bran ended up a different kind of King in Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones Bran Night King

Keeping a TV series chugging along in a satisfying way is a momentous task. Any sufficiently large fandom has a tendency to behave overzealously to anything about a show they don't like, refusing to wait and see how the bigger picture unfolds.

But it's also fair to say that shows don't always take full advantage of the characters and storytelling tools at their disposal, failing to deliver satisfying resolutions to ongoing stories or, worst of all, bungling the series finale altogether.

The dizzying world of fan theories, then, can be a wonderful thing, allowing hardcore fans to indulge their most fanciful and creative whims as they cook up highly imaginative ruminations on the true story behind what the writers have given us.

While many fan theories are simply delusional or outright incorrect, there are those which actually have storytelling merit, adding context and meaning to the canon narrative.

And while none of these fan theories are strictly true, it's easy to see why fans are keen to embrace them, especially as many of them don't in any way contradict the endings we got...

10. The Gang Is Actually Ugly - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Game of Thrones Bran Night King

The unprecedented longevity of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is something few could've ever seen coming, and though it's still going strong 15 seasons in, creator Rob McElhenney hasn't yet indulged the most brilliantly deranged fan theory out there.

Back in 2015, Redditor CraigsBenedict posited the mind-blowingly compelling theory that, in actual fact, Mac (McElhenney), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), and Dee (Kaitlin Olson) aren't quite who we think they are.

Given that the show is generally told from the Gang's perspective, the trio are presented as attractive people, far away from the truth that in reality Mac hasn't got any muscle, Dennis isn't handsome, and Dee is probably still suffering from severe scoliosis (hence all the "bird" jokes).

As for why Frank (Danny DeVito) and Charlie (Charlie Day) look like regular schlubs? They've been shown to be totally comfortable as oddballs throughout the series, so wouldn't desire to change their appearances.

This would explain why Mac, Dennis, and Dee aren't treated with the higher esteem you might expect for good-looking people such as themselves, because they're actually "ugly" in reality, and so are held in a lower regard by society much like Frank and Charlie.

It also explains numerous character "inconsistencies," such as Mac's general physical ineptitude despite being in great shape, and the convoluted, highly creepy means through which the apparently handsome Dennis meets women.

With this fan theory in mind, the entire show can be viewed through a different lens, and the title takes on a whole new meaning.


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