10 Times Promoters Sided With A Wrestler The Locker Room Hated

The locker room hates you? F**k 'em!

CM Punk Tony Khan

The wrestling business is one built around what a talent can bring to the table for any one promotion. If a promoter views someone as a valued player who delivers the goods time and time again, that person can often find themselves with a little more leeway than your average grappler.

Sure, a wrestler may give their boss plentiful headaches, but if their presence means increased TV ratings, better arena gates, higher PPV buys and major merchandise being shipped out to the masses, that boss is likely to take those headaches and smile. Of course, these talents that bring these problems to the table are often not exactly embraced by the vast majority of their peers.

When looking back across the history of the industry, there are so many names who have constantly pissed off their co-workers, usually to the point where the locker room is pleading for that Problem Child to be put out to pasture. Still, regardless of the unrest that's being caused, the promoter in question has refused to hand these stars their walking papers unless they really have to.

With that in mind, then, here are ten times where promoters continued to stand by wrestlers, even though chaos was being caused behind the scenes.

10. Edge

CM Punk Tony Khan

Back in 2005, absolutely nobody was siding with Adam 'Edge' Copeland once the revelation came out that the Canadian was having an affair with Amy 'Lita' Dumas. Not just was Edge himself married at this point, but Lita was in a long-term relationship with Matt Hardy.

When this news broke, the IWC went into meltdown and sent vitriol in the direction of Copeland and Dumas. But while wrestling fans calling for, in particular, Edge's head was one thing, this same sentiment was said to be felt behind the scenes of WWE. With Triple H one of those pushing hard for the one-time Brood man to be fired, it seemed as if Edge's time with the company was coming to an end.

Instead, Vince McMahon held off on handing Copeland his termination papers, and instead it was Matt Hardy who would ultimately be fired due to making this situation an extremely public one through his social media activity.

Hardy would eventually be brought back into the fold, and this very real issue was spun into great wrestling television. The unfortunate irony for Matt, though, is that all of this served to be the catalyst to truly propel Edge into a main event player, with him immediately the hottest heel in the industry.

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