10 Sci-Fi Movies With Unexpectedly Ridiculous Plot Twists

There's a reason you didn't see these sci-fi movie twists coming...

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Let's face it, the science-fiction genre isn't exactly famed for it's penchant for blasting entirely logical and realistic narratives into existence, is it?

Yet, that's part of the charm... for the most part.

Where else are you going to find a franchise dedicated to space wizards manipulating the Force around them, all whilst trying to navigate which figures in the galaxy they're unexpectedly related to?

And what other category of picture could get away with making you give a damn about robotic personalities and believe in the idea of bringing prehistoric beasties back to life via amber-preserved mosquitos?

But even this often barmy type of flick has its limits.

In the case of the following sci-fi sudden twists and turns that came right out of the blue - or farthest reaches of space - the all-round insanity, stupidity, and/or unintentional hilariousness on show have helped immortalise each and every one of these unanticipated plot developments... for all the wrong reasons.

So, from those unexpected and unwanted revelations that left folks wanting anything but more, to closing moments that left fans wishing they could be in another galaxy altogether, these are those suprising sci-fi shifts in direction that were too outrageous for even this whacky world.

10. H20 Saves The Day - Signs

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You're likely more than aware of the fact that not all M. Night Shyamalan plot twists are equal, sadly. And for every Unbreakable swerve and jaw-dropping The Sixth Sense deathly reveal, there is sadly a laughable H20 Achilles heel just waiting to leave you scratching your head.

After spending an entire film watching the Hess family anxiously trying to figure out what in the holy hell is going to happen to their world now that aliens have apparently decided to call it their own, it's revealed pretty late in the day that these terrifying extra terrestrials weren't actually the biggest fans of water.

So, these super advanced beings from outer space didn't think to double-check whether or not their destination was mostly made up of a substance that was highly lethal to them? Right...

And what do you know? Father Graham Hess' daughter being so strangely obsessed with leaving glasses of the transparent liquid around the house ended up coming in rather handy as his brother Merrill began swinging at an alien creature invading their home. Fancy that.

After such an intriguing build up, it's safe to say Shyamalan's feature well and truly drowned with this sloppy, damp squib of an ending.

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