10 More TV Secrets That Were Hiding In Plain Sight

Those hints, clues, and details that subtly foreshadowed or revealed huge TV secrets.

The Office Angela Dwight

More often than not, it's pretty difficult to catch just about every single marvellous clue or detail dropped into a TV show designed to subtly hint at a massive or fascinating secret that is yet to be fully revealed.

During a first watch of any series, you're likely too focused on trying to keep up with the tale being told to stop and really analyse certain frames, dissect specific pieces of dialogue, or listen as closely as you should to the noises going down in a small-screen scene.

You weren't to know exactly how important these easily overlooked moments would turn out to be. But when you do decide to dive back into everything from legendary dramas to iconic comedy shows, revealing visuals and lines that understandably passed you by the first time around suddenly stick out like a sore thumb.

The real identity of notable bastards, the way a mesmerising antagonist would ultimately perish, the painful truth about loveable characters, and so much more were all suggested or foreshadowed in plain sight. You were just too busy getting lost in the overall story to properly notice, folks.

10. Maggie Doesn't Back Down From Mr. Burns - The Simpsons

The Office Angela Dwight

Without doubt one of the greatest whodunnit tales in TV history, the mystery surrounding exactly who shot Mr. Burns at the beginning of The Simpsons' seventh season was actually secretly hinted at during the sixth season's finale.

As the despicable Mr. Burns steals Springfield Elementary School's oil and threatens to block out the sun, this horrible figure eventually shows up at a town hall meeting talking about his actions and arrogantly asks all in attendance "who here has the guts to stop me?"

Burns would be gunned down not long after, of course. But the identity of the person who did the firing was very much suggested in the shot that followed Burns' question here.

While everyone else watching on looks away after questioning whether they do have the guts to stand up to the villainous nuclear power plant owner, Maggie Simpson shoots an angry stare through Burns' head.

A whole episode before it would be revealed that this child pulled the trigger in response to Burns taking candy from a baby, this secret clue was sitting right there in Marge's arms.


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