10 Incredible Horror Movies You’ll Never Watch Again (And Why)

Great horror movies you'll never watch again. Martyrs, The House That Jack Built & more!

The House That Jack Built
IFC Films

Horror is perhaps the most comforting movie genre.

That might sound ridiculous, considering it's comprised of films all about death, destruction and often severe bodily harm shown off in the most grotesque way possible, but ask any horror hound and they'll no doubt tell you how that can sometimes make for the very best kind of comfort food.

Slashers like A Nightmare on Elm Street or even recent efforts like The Conjuring can offer scary, thrilling and most importantly fun experiences that only get better the more you watch them.

Likewise, denser, more complex movies like The VVitch can offer more insight into the story a second time round, with audiences catching symbolism and motifs they might not have noticed originally.

However, not every horror movie is built in this same way, and there are more than a few great ones you'll watch once and then never want to revisit.

This list is going to highlight those particular flicks: the ones that are undeniably excellent and deserve to be recognised as such, but which also aren't in the running when you're scrolling through Netflix on a Saturday night looking for something familiar to rewatch.

10. Martyrs

The House That Jack Built
Anchor Bay

Ask any horror fan what the scariest movie they've ever seen is, and there's a good chance Martyrs will enter the conversation.

Wasting no time with boring preamble, the audience is thrown straight into the horror as a woman named Lucie invades a family home and treats each member to a face full of buckshot. It's then explained that Lucie was kidnapped and imprisoned when she was younger and the family were responsible. However, after enacting her revenge, Lucie and her friend, Anna, are then attacked by a mutilated creature which stalks them through the house.

In yet another switch, after this Anna then finds herself kidnapped by the group the family belonged to and turned into a 'Martyr', someone who enters the plane between life and death after being exposed to extreme torture (including having her skin flayed).

As you can imagine, it's not an easy movie to sit through.

What cements multiple rewatches as unlikely is this second half with Anna's torture. While the first half is a suspenseful game of cat and mouse, the second is dedicated almost entirely to watching a hero you thought was victorious suddenly suffering the same abuse as the woman she just helped.

It is unrelenting, depressing, and with no happy ending in sight, it's a tough one to sit through twice.


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