10 Horror Movies With The Worst Monster Reveal

Wait, the monster is meant to be scary??

Alien Resurrection The Newborn
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When it comes to creature features, it's imperative the monster has a distinctive look which strikes fear into our hearts.

However, the way the monster is revealed is just as crucial. The chestburster scene from Alien. Frankenstein bringing his Creature to life. The Predator removing his mask. Not only have these scenes been seared into our memories, they've become just as iconic as the monsters themselves.

Even though extra-terrestrials, werewolves, and vampires should leave us spooked, not all movie monsters live up to expectations. Due to second-rate prosthetics, uncreative designs, or shoddy CGI, some beasts are more likely to leave you howling with laughter, not fear.

What makes these rubbish reveals all the more frustrating is how they were hyped up for the majority of the film's run-time. There's nothing worse than learning the big, scary monster that's been built up for hours is nothing more than an incomplete digital effect, a stuntman in a crappy costume, or a sock puppet.

Because these filmmakers were set on making a monster movie, it's peculiar how they didn't spend more time on the frickin' monster!

10. The Alien - 10 Cloverfield Lane

Alien Resurrection The Newborn
Paramount Pictures

Many moviegoers went into 10 Cloverfield Lane, assuming it would explain details revolving around the monster that appeared in the first film.

Instead, this sequel focused on a young woman, Michelle, trapped in a bunker with a deranged man, who claims the surface world had been infected by a bio-agent. Although viewers were disappointed and confused by this change of direction, 10 Cloverfield Lane gets away with it (for the most part) due to its compelling story, tight script, and phenomenal performances.

However, the film throws a curveball during the climax. In the final scene, Michelle escapes from the bunker just before it blows up. However, the explosion catches the attention of a nearby flying saucer. The ship veers in Michelle's direction before dropping an extra-terrestrial right in front of her.

Although there's nothing particularly terrible about this alien's design, it's completely forgettable. You may have enjoyed 10 Cloverfield Lane, but you probably couldn't remember what this creature looked like to save your life.

What's makes this big reveal all the more infuriating is how unnecessary it is! Why is there an alien all of a sudden? Even though the extra-terrestrial's inclusion is sloppily handed, you could forgive the movie if it looked cool. Instead, this quadrupedal critter looks utterly generic.


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