10 Horror Movie Scenes Worse Than Death

There are few scenes in horror cinema as frightening as that traumatising scene from Verónica.

Veronica Movie

In the right hands, horror films can instil a wide range of emotions on audiences. Some films can be as funny as they are scary, others can be genuinely heartbreaking, and some deviant gems can be truly repulsive. However, a horror filmmaker’s main goal is to make their audience scared.

There’s been no shortage of terrifying movie moments over the decades, with pitch-perfect jump scares, slow-burn suspense, and sickening levels of gore and violence forming the basis of many of these scenes. While these ingredients are enough to put viewers on edge, the unequivocally best horror moments are those which make viewers experience feelings of absolute dread.

These are the scenes that are so terrifying that viewers won’t be able to take their eyes off the screen no matter how badly they might want to just to see what happens next. These scenes are the ones that will stay ingrained in their minds long after the credits finish rolling and return to haunt them in the dark.

Whether these moments contain some truly spine-chilling imagery, intense periods of suspense, or profound existential terror, these scenes could kill viewers of fright if that was possible.

10. Alien Intruder - No One Can Save You (2023)

Veronica Movie

Brian Duffield's No One Will Save You is one of the most unique horrors in recent years thanks to its sparse amount of dialogue.

The flick sees Kaitlyn Dever star as Brynn, a reclusive seamstress who's been ostracised by the local townsfolk for a traumatic event from her past. The film opens with Brynn going about her daily life as she tends on her model town and practices her dance moves, before events take a dramatic turn later that night when she's visited by an extraterrestrial intruder.

After Brynn is startled by a clattering sound outside, what follows is a gripping cat-and-mouse sequence that gradually winds the tension throughout a nail-biting ten minutes as Brynn narrowly avoids being detected by the strange creature that's always just a few steps behind her.

The scene's climax comes when Brynn carefully sneaks downstairs to lock the front door after seeing the uninvited guest leave. However, the alien traps her behind the fridge door. Just as she pushes past the creature, it pulls her up against the wall. She stabs it through the head with one of her models, leaving both her and viewers in a state of equal parts shock and relief.


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