10 Best Performances In Better Call Saul

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Better Call Saul Kim

Like Breaking Bad before it, Better Call Saul has been a show of almost flawless performances. The writing is great, the direction thrilling, but it's the stars who sell it for all its glory.

Having just wrapped up its six season run as one of TV's most essential dramas, now is the perfect time to explore these performances in depth, and pinpoint what about them made Better Call Saul all the more exquisite.

From the main man himself to the actors crossing over from Breaking Bad and the show's new, exciting faces, the following actors all rose above the pack to give some of the most powerful, unforgettable performances in recent TV history.

Whether portraying embattled drug dealers constantly out of their element, weathered fixers falling down a rabbit hole of crime and murder, or lawyers flirting with the line between criminality and the rule of law, the following actors never missed a beat with what they put on-screen.

With that in mind, here are the 10 best performances in Better Call Saul. This article contains major spoilers.

10. Kerry Condon - Stacey Ehrmantraut

Better Call Saul Kim

Stacey Ehrmantraut, the former daughter-in-law of Mike, is an admittedly minor character in Better Call Saul, but Kerry Condon goes a long way to bring her to life in an authentic and ultimately heartbreaking way.

A mourning single mother struggling to maintain a relationship with Mike but bonding over their shared grief, Condon has the tough job of being the only truly good person in the entire series, desperate to provide for her daughter and hoping for closure over her recent losses.

Condon's performance is warm and affectionate, especially when paired with Mike's Jonathan Banks, and it's remarkable how much weight she puts behind Stacey's struggles with such minimal screentime, away from the main action.

From the way she cares for her daughter Kaylee to the way she grapples with her relationship to Mike, it's a subtly wrenching performance, and helps makes Mike's Breaking Bad fate all the more tragic considering what he leaves behind.


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